4 Elements Of Towels That Influence Your Hotel’s Image

As children, towels weren’t towels. They were our go-to hiding place from monsters in the bathtub, the invisible kooties that threatened to invade our hair, and most importantly, they were the armor that protected us from the enemy during play fights.

But as adults, the type of towel we use says a lot about us. High-quality towels help prevent hair-breakage and after easier on the skin. Poor quality ones can irritate the skin and lead to hair loss.

As a service in the hospitality business, the type of towels you provide your guests with can make or break your image. If you offer poor quality towels, you can risk your brand’s reputation.

With that in mind, choosing the right towel doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 4 elements to look out for when choosing one:

1. Test the Quality

How is the quality of the towels? Good quality towels are made from long cotton fiber. This means that they are soft to touch, do not irritate the skin, and are durable.

Does the fabric feel rough and tough against your palm? Does it feel like it’s going to graze your skin? If that’s the case, the towel is of poor quality.

Also, examine the fibers closely. If they look firm, that’s a good sign. Loose fibers mean that the towel will last only a couple of days or weeks.

2. Soak It in Water

Another way to find out if the towel you’ve bought is of high quality is by soaking it water for 15 minutes. Squeeze it and let it. When it’s dry, test the fabric and thread by gently rubbing your hand against it.

washbasin & towel

If tiny threads are coming out, then the quality is inferior. Do not use the towel if the color bleeds. This means that the fabric dye used was of cheap quality.

3. See if it Matches the Bathroom Interior

Don’t buy towels randomly. Make sure that the interior and the towel go together. The towel’s design and patterns should complement the bathroom, adding a nice touch.

Remember that a good towel should also be aesthetically pleasing.

4. Shop from a Reliable Shop

Shop from a reliable shop that offers you warranty with the products they are selling. You don’t want to be stuck with poor quality towels that only last a couple of days.

When choosing towels, always check the products that the shop is selling. Read online reviews if you need to. Shopping online can give you more options to choose from.

At Subhan Linen we offer an array of products to choose from. From bath linen products in bulk, to high quality towels, we’re your one-stop shop for everything hospitality-related!

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