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“Whether you are opening a new hotel, renovating an existing property, or have any day to day linen needs, Subhan Linens can offer you a complete range of hospitality solutions – towels, bed sheets, bathrobes, duvets, mattress protectors, pillows, and father bed – all under one roof”

Bath Linen

Bath Linen





Subhan Fine Linens: Your One Stop Shop for All Your Linen Needs

Based in New York, Subhan Fine Linens works to provide customers with superior quality products that include bed sheets, duvets, pillow cases, pool and beach towels, bath towels, and bathrobes. All of our products are imported, brought in from factories in the textile hubs of the world, Pakistan and India.

Our cotton products are made of the highest quality long staple cotton. With cotton fibers of long length, you get an end result that is fine and durable. With a natural shine and a long-lasting texture, our India and Pakistan sourced cotton is soft, absorbent, and perfect for all your linen product needs.

Our focus is on providing hospitality businesses in New York City with the finest luxury linen products for their needs. Our range of products has everything a business could need, and we ensure that you only get superior quality items at Subhan Fine Linens.

Not only do you get top-notch quality when ordering linen products from our store, we also offer highly affordable wholesale prices. When it comes to pricing and delivery of products, we work to ensure utmost customer satisfaction, with a commitment to making the purchasing process as efficient and smooth as possible.

We boast a vast collection of linen products that include the outdoor linen collection, the bath linen collection, bed linen products, and table linen collection. Find luxury towels in many different styles, or invest in bed linens from the sateen, satin, embroidery, or microstripe collection. You can find table clothes, napkins, chair covers, and more at Subhan Fine Linens. Browse through our website to find what you’re looking for!

You can be rest assured that with our products, not only will you find yourself impressed, but you will also be ensuring you make the right impression on your guests.

Whether you are seeking out solutions to your daily linen needs or are involved in the hospitality industry, Subhan Fine Linens has all the reasonable-priced and superior quality answers you need. Browse through our collections online or contact us at info@subhanlinens.com to find out more about our products.


Organic Cotton
Pakistani Organic Cotton is a high-quality cotton grown in the Aegean part of Pakistan, Where the climate has more sunny days and is less rainy which is a perfect environment for cotton.
Supreme Quality
Pakistani Cotton has a long lasting texture and natural shine. Pakistani Cotton has long fibers. Pakistani Cotton is extremely absorbent. Pakistani Cotton is incredibly soft.



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